Monday, March 22, 2004

Tarzan's Accident 

Tarzan is out swinging through the trees one day. He miscalculates and crashes into one of the trees.

A short time later, a couple of natives find him. Tarzan is in pretty bad shape, so the natives take him to their Witch Doctor. After several days, Tarzan regains consciousness, and the Witch Doctor explains to him:

Right arm was mangled, so I replace it with arm of chimpanzee. Left eyeball was hanging out on left cheek, so I replace it with eye of eagle. And, ...um..., male member was broke, so I replace it with trunk of baby elephant. Come back in two weeks for checkup.

So Tarzan goes home, and, as instructed, returns in two weeks for his checkup.

Witch Doctor: How is new arm, from chimpanzee?

Tarzan: New arm long, strong. Tarzan swing through trees all day and not get tired.

Witch Doctor: And how is new eyeball, from eagle?

Tarzan : Me like new eyeball; Tarzan see clear, far.

Witch Doctor: And what about new male member, from baby elephant trunk?

Tarzan: Huh!!! Tarzan no like new weenie! It keep picking up weeds and stuffing up Tarzan's butt!!!