Tuesday, March 30, 2004

LINKS! (Part I) 

Taking a cue from The Commissar, and following up on a suggestion from Aidan at Dancing Elegantly, I have decided to post a bunch of links to interesting blogs written by other folks. (Besides, Wife does not understand blog addiction and is threatening to remove new guitar from guitar stand and insert it in less-comfortable [not to mention definitely un-playable] location if I don't record something with it soon!).

Comrade Commissar, always generous with helpful advice, offers another tutorial for those of us who are less "blog-ucated" than he (note: if a link in this post leads to a site which may be in some way misleading [e.g., this one or this one], email The Commissar and tell him some of us apparently don't quite have a grip on it yet; uh,... on second thought, don't mention the phrase "a grip on it", as Comrade Commissar has been obsessed of late with young, female bloggers - especially those who ride motorcycles!).

Fiona is apparently a British lady who was recently in Baghdad helping to install the wiring for a television station. To quote the famous Salam Pax, who quotes from Fiona's own blog: "And then do you know what Fiona Katie did next??? Fired an AK47!". (And I never knew there were rednecks in England! [Wonder if I could get her to ship me an RPG if I can modify the gun rack in my pickup to accomodate one?]).

Zeyad, at Healing Iraq, has decided to add a "guest blog" link on his site. The first post is by Abu Hadi, who describes his first visit to Iraq in 22 years. (Methinks Abu Hadi's recollections may be somewhat wrecked also.)

Zeyad is also recruiting new bloggers faster than I can get this post typed and edited (I may have to utilize an additional finger; the two I normally use to type don't seem sufficient to keep up!). Zeyad has another guest blogger, Mina, and he has made his readers aware of a blog from Libya.

Zeyad also has links to a couple of Iraqi ladies who are not currently in Iraq: Fayrouz in Dallas and Ihath in Canada.

I have learned a great deal more about Iraq and the Iraqi people from reading all of the Iraqi blogs than I ever would have from CNN, etc. (hey, Comrade Commissar, check out CNN Headline News anchor/hottie Robin Meade!).

Aidan's suggestion was that I provide a summary of the Iraqi bloggers, since I read them all everyday anyway. (Thanks, Aidan. Anticipated conversation when Wife reads this post: Me [yelling]: "Hey! Honey! Put that guitar back in the stand! Well, then, at least turn it around and start with the little end!!!").

Anyway, this post is getting way too lengthy, so I shall stop now and post Part II (my impression of the Iraqi bloggers' perspective) presently.