Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kerry Visits Iraq 

Although not widely publicized, John Kerry recently visited Iraq. Please excuse my uneducated attempt at transliteration of the Arabic language.

Mr. Kerry, after visiting Baghdad, took a tour through the outlying areas of Iraq. At one stop, in one of the poorest areas, he decided to make a speech. Mr. Kerry started out by stating that he never, ever, supported the U.S. invasion, to which the Iraqis replied loudly, "Oom-galla-galla!". Mr. Kerry then stated that, on the off chance that he is elected President of the United States, he will not withdraw U.S. troops until the situation in Iraq is stable, to which the crowd replied enthusiastically, "Oom-galla-galla!". Mr. Kerry, encouraged by the heartfelt response to his words (and the fact that the Iraqi crowd was moving toward him, obviously wanting to shake his hand), then assured his listeners that, if elected, not only Iraq, but the entire world, would be a much, much better place, prompting the Iraqis to shout loudly, "Oom-galla-galla! Oom-galla-galla!".

Mr. Kerry was quickly removed from the podium. Somewhat confused, he looked at the local sheik. The sheik took Mr. Kerry's arm and said, "Sorry to interrupt, but before it gets too late, I would like to show you our herd of prize-winning camels. Just watch where you're walking, and don't step in any Oom-galla-galla!".