Friday, April 23, 2004

Roosters (Part II) 

The Farmer (see Roosters (Part I)) finally goes to visit his neighbor, and explains that he he desparately needs a young rooster, since his old rooster has become almost totally useless. The neighbor tells the Farmer that he is in luck! The neighbor has a virile young rooster, named Brewster, and, since the neighbor has several roosters, he would be willing to part with Brewster for only half the going price for roosters.

The Farmer can't believe his good fortune, so he immediately buys Brewster before the neighbor changes his mind. Arriving home, the Farmer puts Brewster in the chicken yard, and immediately notices that, unlike the previous Young Roosters, Brewster, doesn't wait to "get acquainted"; Brewster immediately begins making love to one hen after the other! The Farmer goes inside for supper, figuring to come back and check on the chickens later.

When the Farmer returns, he realizes that he acquired Brewster at just the right time. The Farmer finds the Old Rooster lying beside the barn, dead from an apparent heart attack. The hens are all lying around, clucking contentedly and smiling. But where is Brewster, the Farmer wonders?

The Farmer walks over to the duck pen, where he finds all of the male ducks cowering in one corner of the pen and all of the female ducks paddling around in the pond smiling contentedly. The Farmer next checks on his turkeys, where he finds all of the male turkeys hiding and the female turkeys lined up, waiting for their turn with Brewster!

The Farmer shakes his head, and thinks to himself, "That fool rooster is going to screw himself to death!". The Farmer goes inside for the night.

The next morning, the Farmer comes outside, and, after a brief search, he spots Brewster. Sure enough, Brewster is lying on his back with his feet up in the air, and there are several buzzards circling overhead. The Farmer, shaking his head, looks down at Brewster and says aloud, "I knew it!".

Brewster opens one eye and hisses at the Farmer, "Shhhh... they're about to come down to investigate!"