Monday, May 24, 2004

Air Force Basic Training 

The young man was eager to follow in the footsteps of his father, mother, and two older brothers, all of whom had served honorably in the Air Force. The day after he graduated from high school, he joined. For the first few weeks of Basic Training, the young man called home every weekend, telling his father enthusiastically how delighted he was to be in the Air Force. Then, in his final week of training, he called home, somewhat depressed.

Dad (astutely): You sound depressed.

Recruit: Dad, I am depressed. My group had to make our first parachute jump today. I was the first one on the plane, and we flew for about two hours to the jump site. Since I was the first one on, I was the last to jump, but when I got to the door of the plane, I froze! My Drill Instructor encouraged me by telling me that I had two choices. First, I could bail out of the plane. The second choice, he said, was this: He is gay, and if I didn't bail out, he and I would make love for the entire two-hour flight back to the base!

Dad: Well, Son, you did jump, didn't you?

Recruit: Yes, Sir...a little bit, when we first started!