Monday, June 07, 2004

Just Dropping By 

I've been a little preoccupied with real life lately, but I figured I'd better post something before Blogger declares this site abandoned. Here are some links.

Sarmad, at Road of A Nation, has started a forum encouraging communication and inviting discussion. Two of the current topics are "Ask Iraq" and "Ask America". I believe that anyone reading these discussions can gain understanding, but only if the reader goes in with an open mind and with the intention of seeking understanding, rather than the intention of bending all other readers to his/her perspective. The forum at Baghdadee has been around for a while, and although not an actual forum, Jeffrey at What The Hell Ever He Is Calling It This Week (he has changed the name of the blog at least twice since he started it less than a month ago) comments on the Iraqi blogs and invites discussion in his comments section.

One thing (or perhaps I should say one of the many things) I have learned is that many Middle Easterners have an irrepressible sense of humor. Abu Hadi, an Iraqi "guest poster" of Zeyad, has described his recent visit to Baghdad, including commentary:

It seems there is a universal agreement that Iraqi lives are cheap. Their government killed them,the smugglers killed them, their liberators killed them (sorry, I meant collaterally damaged them), then their resistance killed them (sorry, I meant the device detonated prematurely, God's will).

Alhamedi, at The Religious Policeman, blogs on serious matters from Saudi Arabia, but does so with humor. In referring to a recent attack by four terrorists, only one of whom was captured, Alhamedi quotes a prophecy from the Sage of Riyadh:

"Tho' many be surrounded,
and the surrounding be complete,
all shall escape
but the one with bad feet".

As I've stated on this blog previously, anyone wishing to find a good starting point for links to Iraqi blogs should begin with Iraq Blog Count. (Speaking of which, The Commissar has designated Emigre a university on his map of Karblogh - Holy City of Blogistan.)