Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Monk 

Unlucky in love, and failing to find a good job even with a college education, the young man decided to join a monastery. When he signed up, the abbot told him every new monk had to make a vow. The young man thought for a minute, then made a vow of silence.

For twenty years, the young monk diligently performed his duties and never spoke a word. One day the abbot sent for him and said, "You have been very faithful in keeping your vow, so I am going to allow you to say two words".

The monk said, "Stay hungry".

"OK," said the abbot. "I will see that you get an extra spoonful of rice in your bowl each night from now on".

The monk nodded his thanks and returned to work.

Another twenty years passed, and the abbot again sent for the monk to reward him for his faithfulness to his vow.

This time, the monk said, "Bed hard"'

"No problem," said the abbot. "I'll see that you get some extra straw in your mattress".

The monk nodded his thanks and returned to work.

Twenty years later, the old abbot had died, but the new abbot summoned the monk as scheduled. The abbot asked what two words the monk wished to say.

"I quit!" said the monk.

"Probably just as well," replied the abbot, looking at the monk's file. "All you do is complain anyway!".